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Nothing can adequately describe my glee except the image below:

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dogs dogs dogs dogs WEDDING.

I am experimenting with walking dogs! One of the old ladies who comes down to the park has a three-legged mutt called Joey, and is babysitting a Great Dane called Amber. Since she's old and the Dane's too big to fit in her car, she can't take the Great Dane out for walks, so one of the younger men at the park (and by younger, I mean forty) offered to walk the Great Dane for her.

Only problem is that he has a Labradoodle (Gryphon) and a Pom (Bushby) to walk himself, but he can't walk those and the Great Dane, so he showed up at her house, dropped off his two dogs to go down in the car with her, and then walked the Great Dane down.


First day, when he was at Aikido, I walked the Great Dane and Nova down on my own. Second day, I walked down the Labradoodle and the Pom while my mother walked Nova. Third day, I walked down Nova, the Labradoodle and the Pom. It involved a lot of jogging but hey, nobody got run over, nobody broke away and there was a minimum of leash tangling so yay, success!

Labradoodle, btw is a cross between a Labrador and a (giant) poodle. A King Charles Cavalier crossed with a poodle is a cavoodle. A cocker spaniel crossed with a poodle is a spoodle, which is sad because I personally would've favored calling it a cockadoodle. Then if it did a poop, you could say, "Hey, look, cockadoodle doo."

Cousin's wedding reception means that my mother is going nuts. She got my hair trimmed, is getting the dye freshened up, booked me for a mani-pedi -- I asked her if I can have a facial while she's at it, and she said yes, so yay for that. She also hired someone to dress us for the actual night of the reception, because there are a lot of different ways to drape a sari and apparently this lady's entire job is driving out to people and dressing them in saris. For decent pay, too. Talk about finding a niche and filling it.

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pix plz!

I have a longterm plan to inundate the world with puppy pictures.

This is but Step One.

Adorable white ball of fluff-- GAH THESE ARE HUGE AND WILL KILL YOUR BANDWIDTH. Uh. Will resize later. )

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Project I Heart iJay

Taken from [info]bridgetmkennitt:

"With all the buzz filling the air about DW, I wanted to do something that was wholly based on IJ. InsaneJournal is a small community. I liken it in my head to living in Hawaii with the rest of the world (LJ) just a hop, skip, and a jump away. I love my little home. So I came up with a project for me to show that support.

What is it? I plan to comment more on artwork, on vids, on fics, on meta that are posted on IJ*. I'll post more in asylums (a definite do!) since asylums so rarely get love here. I'll keep track of all this on a post so I can see how much I've done, and how much more I need to do. I'm one person, but it's something that is completely in my power to do.

This isn't a negative post about LJ or DW. This isn't a post calling people to arms (though if anyone else wants to comment and post more in asylums, I'm not going to complain *g*). This is just me doing this because I want to. Because I can. (And really, this just gives me more excuses to use my icons. How can I resist!)"

Comments made on my flist won't count, though since there are only two people who post on my flist, that isn't such a big sacrifice. XD Now to start commenting. First up, [info]scans_daily is getting friended. Then I'm going to start doing interest searches and friending new comms to comment on those.

Hey, guess what, iJay?


Maybe I should make I heart iJay icons while I'm at it.

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Back from Nice!

Nice was fantastic. I heart France and Greece in general, and Nice has good memories for me. Some of the highlights of the trip were:

  • trying beef tartare for the first time (didn't like it, but hey, new experience!)
  • getting to have a hotel room all to my own with my parents next to me
  • finding sea glass and collecting it (read out it in one of the Chicken Soup For The Teenager's Soul book)
  • buying leather wristlets that you lace up
  • buying a chicken for a homeless woman and her kid
  • seeing a whole pig roasting in a square (HUGE pig, big as me!)
  • a really nice French guy stopping to offer directions just because he saw me about to open up a map
  • motorbikes EVERYWHERE! I was in some sort of heaven, I swear.

I have tons of photos and shall be posting them on dA to save my Photobucket bandwidth and because Flickr has a limit on how many photos it'll let you upload with a free account. Boo.

Currently, I'm catching up on Amazon Fail, getting ready to celebrate the Sri Lankan New Year, and trying to write RP posts. Work tomorrow, was going to wear a sari, but am far too tired to do that now. It looks like I'm going to be using these to shop for English books/manga now.

So utterly tired. Going to finish the posts that I promised, then crash to -- OH CRAP, 11:30 already?! Okay, fuck finishing posts. Bed. Now.

I leave you with this thought -- if I step on your foot, you tell me it hurts, then my next moves are going to be to apologize for hurting you, and then move my damn foot. Just saying sorry isn't enough.

Oh. And this, mostly because of the cheesecake:

Now to bed.

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Little Brother: READ IT NOW

Whatever you're doing right now, stop. Go read Little Brother instead.

Little Brother is the best book I've read all year. This would have more meaning if it wasn't the start of the year, so let me rephrase that. Little Brother might be the most awesome book that I could possibly read this year.

There's an excellent summary of the book here, so I'm not going to hash over the book. Instead, I'm going to give you bullet points as to WHY you should read it.

  • The author references our culture. Flashmobs, Linux distros, game systems being cheap but the games expensive, livejournal, Flickr, everything. And he gets it right! You've seen what happened when the media tried talking about Anonymous versus Scientology. This guy actually manages to create a believable 17-year-old narrator.
  • It's about Homeland Security and what happens when safety trumps freedom. The title's a homage to 'Big Brother' but unlike 1984, this book is set in our times. Modern times. It's much easier to get sucked into this book because the protagonist is our age and deals with our tech, instead of being an adult with a forbidden love affair.
  • On that note, the book deals with the generation gap and how adults are more likely to buy into the scare tactics of the media. But it doesn't present all adults as rigorously inflexible. There are good guys amongst the grown-ups, and bad guys amongst the kids, and the way that he manages to make moral ambiguity and self-righteousness a major theme of the novel is amazing.
  • Race issues! It's a bit of a throw away in that it's not a major theme of the book, but that's part of what makes the sudden discussion of them so fantastic to me. There's a quick convo between the protag and a friend of his about how the friend will suffer more if they're caught, and the protag acknowledges that yes, brown people have the scales balanced against them. It's a tiny little thing, not a major part of the book, but oh, how fantastic it is to se it acknowledged as a part of real life instead of glossed over or forgotten about.
  • Awesome female chars. There's not just the standard love interest and the best friend chick, but also female chars with authority, female chars who are bad guys, and female chars who rock the geek world. They're depicted as being as much a part of the world as the male protag is, and the author's Net-savvy enough to even have the protag be wary of one girl that IMs him because the protag knows how many guys like pretending to be girls online.
  • Neil Gaiman, Scott Westerfeld, Brian K Vaughn, and I love it. I fully intend on buying copies IRL and making my friends read them. Since most of you are lucky enough to not live near me, I'm instead devoting the entirety of this post to trying to convince you to read it.

You know what else is awesome? The author himself and his thoughts on ebooks and sharing books/music online. His explanation for why he gives his books away for free online is quoted below, because it's just said so well that any attempt on my part to sum it up would pale in comparison to his original words.

I recently saw Neil Gaiman give a talk at which someone asked him how he felt about piracy of his books. He said, "Hands up in the audience if you discovered your favorite writer for free -- because someone loaned you a copy, or because someone gave it to you? Now, hands up if you found your favorite writer by walking into a store and plunking down cash." Overwhelmingly, the audience said that they'd discovered their favorite writers for free, on a loan or as a gift. When it comes to my favorite writers, there's no boundaries: I'll buy every book they publish, just to own it (sometimes I buy two or three, to give away to friends who must read those books). I pay to see them live. I buy t-shirts with their book-covers on them. I'm a customer for life.

Neil went on to say that... )

Love him, read the book, and spread word of the book around as much as you can. This guy is one of us. He talks about our technology, he writes about our world, and he's good at it. He's a geek to the core, and one who doesn't back down from tackling politics head-on. I'd fangirl about it more, but I'm going to see if he's written anything else.

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