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Back from Nice!

Nice was fantastic. I heart France and Greece in general, and Nice has good memories for me. Some of the highlights of the trip were:

  • trying beef tartare for the first time (didn't like it, but hey, new experience!)
  • getting to have a hotel room all to my own with my parents next to me
  • finding sea glass and collecting it (read out it in one of the Chicken Soup For The Teenager's Soul book)
  • buying leather wristlets that you lace up
  • buying a chicken for a homeless woman and her kid
  • seeing a whole pig roasting in a square (HUGE pig, big as me!)
  • a really nice French guy stopping to offer directions just because he saw me about to open up a map
  • motorbikes EVERYWHERE! I was in some sort of heaven, I swear.

I have tons of photos and shall be posting them on dA to save my Photobucket bandwidth and because Flickr has a limit on how many photos it'll let you upload with a free account. Boo.

Currently, I'm catching up on Amazon Fail, getting ready to celebrate the Sri Lankan New Year, and trying to write RP posts. Work tomorrow, was going to wear a sari, but am far too tired to do that now. It looks like I'm going to be using these to shop for English books/manga now.

So utterly tired. Going to finish the posts that I promised, then crash to -- OH CRAP, 11:30 already?! Okay, fuck finishing posts. Bed. Now.

I leave you with this thought -- if I step on your foot, you tell me it hurts, then my next moves are going to be to apologize for hurting you, and then move my damn foot. Just saying sorry isn't enough.

Oh. And this, mostly because of the cheesecake:

Now to bed.

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