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And back?

I want to get back to posting on ijay. I'm using tumblr a lot these days but that's not the same. You can't post personal stuff there and I want to keep track of my life. I looked at my calender and it looks like my life ended July 2012 when I stopped posting but that's not how it happened.

I'm still here.

Right now, I'm living in Austria and job-hunting again. I've got to leave the country for a few days in April and then I'll get another three month visa. After that, I need to have a job or be studying something because otherwise, I'll have to move again.

My mother flew up over a month ago to help me with job hunting and getting unpacked and stuff. I really don't want her here but she's not leaving. She is cooking for me though which is pretty useful.

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I've got a book called "The Dragon Book" which is full of short stories about dragons. I'm trying to read through them slowly instead of gulping them all down at once. So far, I've made it last four days.

A girl I met tried to give me the Twilight board game (I told her I don't like Twilight) but left it at the wrong house. I found it yesterday, fortunately. Now I just need to meet her again to give it back to her.

My henna expired in 2008 so it didn't leave any mark when I tried to apply it.

This has over 300 comments on capitalism and the free market and communism. And it's on one of the I Can Haz Cheezburger sites. The original commenter is a fucking asshole.

Kathy got me the Emilie Autumn deluxe CD. And a t-shirt of hers. She got to see EA in concert, which is awesome. Last year, I had a ticket to go to an EA concert, paid for it and everything, but then I couldn't go. Which sucked. Waste of money and also, I really wanted to see her live again. I haven't had a chance to listen to the CD yet because the CD player in my laptop doesn't work so I need to plug in a special external DVD reader thing if I want to watch DVDs or play CDs on my laptop. And I don't have a normal plain CD player anymore.

Savior says that I'm not tune deaf. We spent a morning with me attempting to sing on voice chat for him. I got to hear his singing voice. It's really nice. I like it.

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You know what really sucks? When people that should know better fucking refuse to leave you alone.

I mean, Pat's bad enough with the whole I WILL CONSTANTLY IM YOU AND E-MAIL YOU AND PHONE YOU AND TEXT YOU AND INVITE YOU TO EVENTS thing but the guy only knew me for a handful of months.

Someone who actually knows what my home life is like and the kind of stuff that I deal with on a daily basis subjecting me to the same sort of steady harassment? Fuck that noise.

I'm not allowed to turn off my phone or put it on silent in case I miss calls from my parents. My phone company will charge me extra to block numbers. My only recourse is refusing to pick up and that doesn't protect me from being woken up at all sorts of hours. I have enough trouble sleeping as it is, I don't need my precious resting time cut into.

And that's without bringing up the fact that I do get taken to formal dinners and luncheon where it is incredibly impolite and likely to get me into trouble if my phone rings. It's even worse if I'm the hostess and have to dash off to silence a ringing phone. Seriously, are you just trying to get me into trouble? If you want me killed, hire a fucking hitman. At least I'll die with some dignity and they won't have to etch "killed due to ringing phone" on my grave.

It's insane. If I block you on gchat, refuse to answer your e-mails, refuse to pick up on your calls, refuse to answer your texts, how the fuck can you think that you'll win by persevering?

I know I had a quotation up by Napoleon on my Twitter about how "Victory belongs to the most persevering" but the thing is, that's me. You're the one pouring energy into harassing me. All I have to do is ignore it. I have no idea what the hell you're hoping to accomplish by this; you can't simply wear someone down into being your friend again. Coercion doesn't get you friendship -- or at least, it doesn't with me.

I swear, this is almost as bad as dealing with Pat.

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So. It's not the tenth yet, but.

Uncle Chandra's dead. Not baby cousin R&D's father, different uncle. Probably more along the lines of my mother's uncle and my granduncle? I'm not sure, Sri Lankan family ties are complicated. It's possible he isn't a blood relative at all. That's not how I remember him, anyway.

What I remember is that he lived in Sri Lanka and the first time I met him, I was very young, ten or under, and he was smoking a cigar so I went up to him and proselytized against smoking, explaining to him that it would give him lung cancer and kill him and it was bad for everyone around him. He was startled but laughed, took it with good grace and he liked me for it. He was an old man even then so everyone else treated him with respect and deference. You don't scold old male figures in Sri Lankan culture. My blood uncle, Devi-Monkey's cousin, smokes and nobody really does anything about that because he's a man. Uncle Chandra got the same treatment so even though my little lecture didn't stop him smoking, I think he was amused that I had the temerity to talk to him like that. He was always happy to see me after that, whenever I went to Sri Lanka, and I liked him too.

My mother didn't tell me how he died or of what. I woke up and got online. Ten minutes later, she came and bitched me out for sitting in the dark and interrogated me on it. Then she announced he's dead and recounted how happy she was that she'd visited him during her recent trip to Sri Lanka.

I was too stunned to ask for details or do anything except hug her because she was teary-eyed and had probably been crying, so needed some sort of comfort. Even if she's less than ideal, she's still my mother when push comes to shove over things like this, and I do believe that she genuinely loved him too.

Anyway. He's dead. I'm feeling quiet. I don't want to talk about this in chat or anything, so please don't bring it up with me outside this journal post. Thanks.

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Life is kind of emotionally fraught on certain fronts at the moment. Missed two classes in a row for a certain subject and have a presentation coming up next week that I still haven't picked a topic for, let alone researched/rehearsed.

Father is leaving at 2AM in the morning for the airport and then I get three blissful weeks to myself, just me and my puppy.

TV Tropes: Fanfic Recommendations is liable to get me sucked into new fandoms, given that I am perfectly happy reading fics like they're original fic and then going all, "Okay, I need to know more about these characters in order to properly appreciate how awesome this is, LET'S GO FIND SOURCE MATERIAL".

Gmail's offering free phone calls to the US from anywhere in the US and that's got me talking on the phone with Willow for hours and hours on end. Apparently I really miss phone conversations; I used to talk for hours on the phone in America, I remember, until my phone ran out of battery.

Strawberries + melted dark chocolate is my new comfort food. My puppy continues to be ridiculously adorable. I'm about to spam you all with my attempts to organize all the fic I've been writing recently (one per day, more or less).

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