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Mother returns from Sri Lanka tomorrow at 7:40AM. I'm giving her an hour to get back from the airport so that means that I have 18 hours to get the house ready and cook her something.

Credit for the table's coding goes to [info]vostok, who very sweetly let me borrow it to make a table to keep track of all the Dakens I have to download. XD

Tu t'demande -- not housework, admittedly, but important which is why it's at the top of the list!
Vacuum house.
Scrub floors.
Clean bathroom counters.
Put crepe maker/mixer/ironing board away.
Arrange tables.
Grocery shopping.
Bake cupcakes
Clean stove.
Clean kitchen counters.
Clean sink.
Laundry x a billion - my problem is that it's raining so I can't hang up stuff outside and I only have one drying rack inside, so I can wash more than I can dry and leaving clothes to get moldy in the washing machine does not sound like a good idea. grargh.
Change sheets on mother's double bed?
Sweep driveway.

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