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Fickle [userpic]
Puppy picspam II!

Puppy love! Now at a convenient viewing size.

I have a new little baby Maltese puppy. Got him last, last Thursday, so he's two months and two weeks old, starting tomorrow. His name is Nova Star, the Ninja Plasm.

Prepare to be spammed by photos of him! Click the cut if you think you can face the extreme cuteness.

There once was a puppy named Nova/he liked to frolic in clover/but the clover was tall/and he was so small/a lawnmower ran him over. )

For more photos of him, go here!

Fickle [userpic]
pix plz!

I have a longterm plan to inundate the world with puppy pictures.

This is but Step One.

Adorable white ball of fluff-- GAH THESE ARE HUGE AND WILL KILL YOUR BANDWIDTH. Uh. Will resize later. )

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