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howl my heart out

Nova got attacked by a Staffy, taken to a vet who pronounced him okay, then I noticed some blood on his side the next day and took him to our usual vet instead of the emergency one that was closest and found two deep puncture wounds in his back as well as a wound on his side. The vet buzzed his hair off, put antibiotics on the wound, gave him an injection and then gave me painkillers and antibiotics to give him daily. If his wounds get cellulitis or infected, then they're going to have to put him under anaesthesia and stick drainage tubes into him.

The dog just basically grabbed him by the side and held him down and when we tried to pry it off Nova, it let go for a second and then grabbed his stomach. Something pink flashed and I swear, I thought that it was his guts coming out. Win turned away because she thought Nova 'was a goner' to quote her words -- it was the owner, Stuart (Ruby's owner) and me who were fighting to get the dog off Nova. Everyone says that Nova's really lucky to not be dead and that if it had picked him up and shaken him, Nova would've snapped in two.

The dog had attacked another dog before but the other dog that had been attacked was a snarly one that also attacked other dogs, so we thought that it was because it was such an ill-tempered dog that the two of them got into a fight. But Nova's just a loving little fluffball who's never hurt anyone. There's no way that he could've provoked another dog into a fight. He just yelped and screamed while that dog was biting into him.

Win drove me to the vet so I bought her some blue-purple orchids, and I got Stuart a card and big box of chocolates as a thank you. I'm also going to bake her a thank you cake.

My hand got a little scratched prying the dog's jaws open but no bites. I took a photo of the puncture wounds in the dressing room and the vet said it was a good idea but then I had to stop taking photos because she needed me to hold Nova.

Nova's still shaking. I put him on a chair and the chair started shaking too. It' like he's vibrating. But he's eating treats now (raw chicken, smackaroos, home made honey oatmeal biscuits) and drinking water and he's walking about a little awkwardly but it's walking, so I think he should be okay.

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dogs dogs dogs dogs WEDDING.

I am experimenting with walking dogs! One of the old ladies who comes down to the park has a three-legged mutt called Joey, and is babysitting a Great Dane called Amber. Since she's old and the Dane's too big to fit in her car, she can't take the Great Dane out for walks, so one of the younger men at the park (and by younger, I mean forty) offered to walk the Great Dane for her.

Only problem is that he has a Labradoodle (Gryphon) and a Pom (Bushby) to walk himself, but he can't walk those and the Great Dane, so he showed up at her house, dropped off his two dogs to go down in the car with her, and then walked the Great Dane down.


First day, when he was at Aikido, I walked the Great Dane and Nova down on my own. Second day, I walked down the Labradoodle and the Pom while my mother walked Nova. Third day, I walked down Nova, the Labradoodle and the Pom. It involved a lot of jogging but hey, nobody got run over, nobody broke away and there was a minimum of leash tangling so yay, success!

Labradoodle, btw is a cross between a Labrador and a (giant) poodle. A King Charles Cavalier crossed with a poodle is a cavoodle. A cocker spaniel crossed with a poodle is a spoodle, which is sad because I personally would've favored calling it a cockadoodle. Then if it did a poop, you could say, "Hey, look, cockadoodle doo."

Cousin's wedding reception means that my mother is going nuts. She got my hair trimmed, is getting the dye freshened up, booked me for a mani-pedi -- I asked her if I can have a facial while she's at it, and she said yes, so yay for that. She also hired someone to dress us for the actual night of the reception, because there are a lot of different ways to drape a sari and apparently this lady's entire job is driving out to people and dressing them in saris. For decent pay, too. Talk about finding a niche and filling it.

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Puppy picspam II!

Puppy love! Now at a convenient viewing size.

I have a new little baby Maltese puppy. Got him last, last Thursday, so he's two months and two weeks old, starting tomorrow. His name is Nova Star, the Ninja Plasm.

Prepare to be spammed by photos of him! Click the cut if you think you can face the extreme cuteness.

There once was a puppy named Nova/he liked to frolic in clover/but the clover was tall/and he was so small/a lawnmower ran him over. )

For more photos of him, go here!

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pix plz!

I have a longterm plan to inundate the world with puppy pictures.

This is but Step One.

Adorable white ball of fluff-- GAH THESE ARE HUGE AND WILL KILL YOUR BANDWIDTH. Uh. Will resize later. )

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