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Fickle [userpic]

Life is kind of emotionally fraught on certain fronts at the moment. Missed two classes in a row for a certain subject and have a presentation coming up next week that I still haven't picked a topic for, let alone researched/rehearsed.

Father is leaving at 2AM in the morning for the airport and then I get three blissful weeks to myself, just me and my puppy.

TV Tropes: Fanfic Recommendations is liable to get me sucked into new fandoms, given that I am perfectly happy reading fics like they're original fic and then going all, "Okay, I need to know more about these characters in order to properly appreciate how awesome this is, LET'S GO FIND SOURCE MATERIAL".

Gmail's offering free phone calls to the US from anywhere in the US and that's got me talking on the phone with Willow for hours and hours on end. Apparently I really miss phone conversations; I used to talk for hours on the phone in America, I remember, until my phone ran out of battery.

Strawberries + melted dark chocolate is my new comfort food. My puppy continues to be ridiculously adorable. I'm about to spam you all with my attempts to organize all the fic I've been writing recently (one per day, more or less).

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