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Fickle [userpic]
Progress Update!

I only have ONE paper left for Monday. Thanks to Savior first promising me 1 word of fic for every 2 words I write within a two hour period, and then making me the same offer for another hour and a half to get me to finish it and finish editing it. AND a bonus where I get to pick two fics to add more words onto!

I am so very, very relieved. XD

31st May:

1,000 words due on Islam & the Internet.DONE!

6th June:

2,000 words due on "How important was Osama bin Laden and what will his legacy be?"
2,000 words due on "What are the key reasons for arguing that Islam and democracy are, in fact, deeply compatible"?DONE!
500 words due on "What are the primary causes for the emergence of Jihadi terrorist activism in Pakistan over the pasty thirty five years?"DONE!
500 words due on "What has Islamism got to do with Islam and the lives of the majority of the world's 1.6 billion Muslims?"DONE!

20th June:

2:30PM, 3 hour exam on who knows what. Seat G427, Caulfield Racecourse, Ground Floor.

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Fickle [userpic]

Or, technically, paper!

It basically went like this:

Savior: I will write you at least one word for fic for every two words of paper you write before this two-hour eggtimer runs out!
Savior: *updates journal with progress bar with hovertext!*
Fickle: *does 1411/2000 within two hours*
Fickle: *expires of happiness and never finishes paper or gets to read fic* omgyay.

I still have another 500 words to go on this paper, and another 2000 words on a different paper but seriously, we got 3/4ths of that paper done in two hours and I am all amazed. XDDDD and thrilled. Clever, clever Savior!

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Fickle [userpic]

I'm paying court to Savior.

Just thought you should know. ♥

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Fickle [userpic]
keep fighting, always

Title: Masochism Tango
Characters: Aleksei Volkov, Ivan Lukyanov
Prompt: Violence
Word Count: 1, 064
Summary: Hearts need blood to beat and Aleks needs Lukyanov. Warnings for graphic violence/masochism tango-style relationship.

Read more... )

Fickle [userpic]
Fickle's posting patterns on Twitter.

While trying to convince Savior to get a Twitter, he made two mock Twitter-compilations to show what it would be like if he got one. I'm posting the one where he sporks my Twitter posting patterns.

Lysander [PWNED, care of Fickle] says:
Rewritten to best appropriate Savior-world equivalents.

I love Fickle. XDDD 1 minute ago
@ ficklediety omg! See, exactly! Did you see the link in the comments?! 2 minutes ago
Awww, the Kiwi got sent home for making crappy vegetarian curry. 4 minutes ago
"WHAT HAPPENED TO ANDRAE?!" 8 minutes ago (there's no substitute)
Watching Top Chef and chatting with the Brat. <333 9 minutes ago
[tinypic] <-- omg wtf is that!? I AM SCARRED XDDD 11 minutes ago
Back from cooking. Made spagbol and twelve icons. *accomplished!* 14 minutes ago
Something just set off the fire alarm. 16 minutes ago
[ extraneous Gunslinger quote] 18 minutes ago
[ extraneous Gunslinger quote] 19 minutes ago
[ extraneous Gunslinger quote] 19 minutes ago
[ extraneous Gunslinger quote] 20 minutes ago
[ extraneous Gunslinger quote] 20 minutes ago
[ extraneous Gunslinger quote] 21 minutes ago
[ extraneous Gunslinger quote] 22 minutes ago
[ extraneous Gunslinger quote] 22 minutes ago
Wtf? Livejournal is down? 26 minutes ago
Awake. 29 minutes ago

You gotta love that boy. Especially for his succinct explanation of WHY the Gunslinger quotations:

Lysander [PWNED, care of Fickle] says:
The following message could not be delivered to all recipients:
But Gunslinger was just my equivalent because I couldn't think of anything else I quoted recently, and you have a tendency to include EVERY BIT OF DIALOGUE in the show you're watching

Narcissus Reborn [Lysander has been PWNED!] *unicef says:
*dies and hides* I do not! Just the good bits. XD Otherwise you would be DOOMED when I watched two seasons of Practice in a row -- I just didn't find anything there worth quoting.

In conclusion? I love my friends. And I love my Twitter. *hugs it*

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