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Fickle [userpic]

Theme Song: Goody Two Shoes - Adam Ant.

Subtle innuends follow
There must be something inside
No one's gonna tell me
What's wrong or what's right
Or tell me who to eat with, sleep with

Fight Song: Devil With The Black Dress On - Jack Off Jill

Kids sure like the devil these days
and I'm the devil with the black dress on
Do you want to own me angel
cause I own you now you're gone

Love Song: Rapunzel - Emilie Autumn

If you sing loud and clear
Someone passing by will surely hear you
No you can't be afraid
If you ever want somebody near you

Love Gone Wrong Song: If Your Kisses Can't Hold The Man You Love - Rasputina

What's the use in sighing?
What's the use in crying?
If he's wandered off the track
'Cos if your kisses won't hold the man you love
Then your tears won't bring him back, no

Major Conflict: So Unsexy - Alanis Morissette

I can feel so unsexy for someone so beautiful
So unloved for someone so fine
I can feel so boring for someone so interesting
So ignorant for someone of sound mind

Resolution: Hit Girl Theme

Four banana, three banana, two banana, one
All bananas playin' in the bright warm sun.
Flippin' like a pancake, popping like a cork
Fleegle, Bingo, Drooper and Snork

Happy Ending: You Can't Stop The Beat - Hairspray

'Cause you cant stop
The motion of the ocean
Or the sun in the sky
You can wonder if you wanna
But i never ask why
And if you try to hold me down
I'm gonna spit in your eye and say
That you cant stop the beat!

I know that you've heard most of those songs but let's face it, we've been sharing a house for like 3 months and lived together for a summer and have known each other for over a decade. It's kind of impossible that we wouldn't be familiar with each other's music tastes by now! XD

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