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A Public Apology To Everyone Who Recced Wicked

Remember when you guys were trying to get me into Wicked? And I refused to take any interest in because I'd read the book and found it incredibly boring and refused to believe that the musical would be any good? And you sent me the soundtrack, insisted that I listen to 'Popular', and I told you it was cute but not really my style and thus dismissed the entire musical soundtrack and didn't bother listening to the rest of it?

I am SUCH an idiot. I really and totally am. I saw the musical in London and it is fantastic. A thousand times better than the book, easily. I'm listening obsessively to Defying Gravity, For Good, Not That Girl and What Is This Feeling. I've downloaded a video recording of the London musical, and have been playing it on repeat for the last six hours. I have fifteen Wicked icons on my insanejournal account.

Consider me converted and absolutely, abjectly apologetic that I didn't listen to you guys when you told me that the Wicked musical is just about the best thing ever. Legally Blonde: The Musical is still my musical of choice but Wicked's a really close second.

Summary of post: Wicked rocks. You guys were right. I was wrong. I apologize x 1000 for not having listened all those years ago when you tried to get me into it. And I desperately need to read Glinda/Elphie fic now.

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