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Naruto // little white dogs

Somehow, for some unknown reason, I started reading Little Women fanfic and that turned into reading Naruto fanfic and that turned into me going "hm, I really should start watching that anime again..." And so I am! Naruto is definitely one of those fandoms where I like the fanworks better than the canon but end up having to watch/read the canon just because otherwise I'm not going to really understand who the hell Rin and Obito and Madara are.

Anyway! One of the ways in which having Nova has changed me is that episodes with little dogs being hurt now kick me in the guts. Hell Girl has at least three eps wherein dogs are being tortured or abused and all three of the made me find Nova and cling to him tightly.

Case in point, I just finished watching the Little White Dog Ep. It's episode 120 of Naruto, the one where Kiba and Akamaru (a boy and his little white dog) face some bad guys from the Sound Ninja village. I love watching Kiba pet Akamaru even when he thinks that he's about to die, when he can't even move any longer and has to just wait to be killed. He just sits there and pets him, offering what little comfort he can for those last few moments.

I swear, that dog is just so cute. And Kiba is pretty damn awesome too. Kiba, Naruto, Kabuto (maybe only because his name reminds me of the Pokemon!), Hinata, Tsunade, Kurenai and Anko are my favorite chars this time around. I wish that I'd taken notes the first time that I saw the series and then maybe I'd know if they were the chars I'd liked back then too. I do remember that Sakura made me cringe at the start of the series, same as this time, and that I really wish she'd get over her crush on Sasuke or at least treat Naruto better despite it.

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