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DC Reboot

And because, let's face it, there's no way that I can make a post without touching on This was going to be added onto a post but given that it got a bit long, it gets to be a post of its own. So! Let's talk about the DC Reboot: waurgh seriously AGAIN?! YOU JUST HAD ONE. DON'T YOU DARE MAKE JASON TODD A REDHEAD AGAIN.

That said, the reboot is such a mixed bag of "eee yay for my fav chars" and "you're doing WHAT now?!".

The Good:

Jason Todd is apparently back on the side of the angels, fighting with Roy and Starfire, both of whom I like. On the downside, THAT COSTUME, come on, get rid of that helmet please.

Kyle Rayner gets to lead his own team as well! IT IS A RAINBOW TEAM. The solicit says that you have to watch out for their volatility but hey, Kyle's back in the spotlight and of course a team that features all the different power rings and their emotions is going to be one that needs a little extra care.

The Bad:

Babs is going to walk again -- she's not one of my fav chars but seriously, turning Oracle back into Batgirl just reeks of ableism. She was better as Oracle; she represented a disabled char who was still a superhero and who actually lead a superhero team. Gail Simone's defense of the changes just made me facepalm so much. She wasn't removed from the action and the danger. She might not have been running around physically fighting but fights still came to her and she was the leader for Birds of Prey!

Catwoman's solo title means that Gotham City Sirens is probably over, which is too bad since it was one of my favs. There's not enough info out there about her reboot yet to really pass judgment on the characterization, but there's some discussion of if she's going to go back to being an ex-thief or an ex-prostitute. Given that they're supposedly trying to draw in a younger audience this time around, I'd probably think they're going back to thief (which, okay, is also my personal preference). On the plus side, she's being written by Judd Winick whom I heart.

The Confusing:

No news on Cass Cain, my favorite Batgirl. No news on Steph Brown, my second favorite Robin. I have no idea what to make of the new Wonder Woman except to go "oh man, they're going for the distrust angle again?" and wonder if I'm judging it too quickly. And it's a minor quibble but I liked Nightwing's costume better in blue. Tim Drake as a blogger-turned-superhero does sound interesting, even if he's not one of my favorite chars either. And since they mentioned Batman fighting crime with his son, Damian, I'm wondering if Damian's getting a different origin story, if Talia's still his mother, etc.

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put your money where your heart is (on the night stand)

I just caved and bought myself Permanent Extra Userpics. It's only ten extra dollars, and I heart iJay. I really, really do. And when I love companies or products, I want to throw money at them to encourage them to keep going down the right path. It's like the opposite of a boycott!

And as long as we're talking iJay -- I want to smack everyone who ditches iJay for Dreamwidth. I can get ditching eljay if you disapprove of their policies or the way they handle customer relations or whatever but iJay? Hell, Squeaky's consistently gone out of his way to make fandom feel comfortable here, he works incredibly hard on fixing issues whenever they pop up, he has a TWITTER he posts on whenever something goes wrong or iJay has planned maintenance ...

I'm willing to accept that some people can't handle iJay because the asylum theme is triggering for them. But if you've already been on iJay and you're ditching it for Dreamwidth because that's where all the 'cool kids' are? EW. I hated people like that in high school. It's so mindless -- everyone listens to the same music, watches the same movies and frequents the same clubs. If I disliked group think as a teen, believe me, I'm not any more likely to like mob think now in so-called adults.

There's nothing wrong with iJay for it to deserve to get ditched. Wanting to flit over to the next new thing is just flatout shallow. I'm the girl who holds on to fandoms for a long time, whose best friends are still the first real friends she made and who refuses to get rid of her Just William books because she still likes them. Get it? It's loyalty. If someone treats you well or a company is giving you what you want, why switch? [info]squeaky's been amazing. I think he deserves better than to be abandoned like this.

In cooler news, I have a Spiderman bedsheets.

And this is a Placebo icon that I'm using because I love Placeco and seeing this icon makes me happy.

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