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For ultra-cheap drabbles and coloring, check me out here. Still dedicated to Haiti, of course.

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Okay, so, I know I said I wouldn't do this but:

Go here if you want to commission my coloring skills (seriously cheap, guys), or here if you want to bid on my writing skills.

I'll write/draw pretty much anything, and anything you offer goes straight to charities dedicated to helping Haiti.

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Icon dump!

Text Only x 28
Galactik Football x 14
Dragon Age: Origins x 11
Misc x 9
Total: 62

(Is there something in your tent that needs... assassinating?)

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Contest entries!

what is more exquisite?
by =ficklegoddess on deviantART


Rainbow of the Ocean
by =ficklegoddess on deviantART

Maybe I have some talents after all :P

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Icon set of heroic chars/groups!

YAY ICONS! I woke up one morning with inspiration for an icon set floating about in my head, then spent most of a day working on them. Cue a set of 85 '[name] is my hero' icons. XD The icons are of various characters/groups from DC, Marvel, Star Wars, Star Trek and Misc. Characters featured included members of the Batfamily, the Supes, X-Men, Teen Titans, Outsiders, Green Lanterns, Spidey-world and many more.

And this gave me a chance to break in my new icon journal in ijay, [info]iconic!



Choose your hero/ine here at [info]iconic!

And if you can think of a hero/ine that'd icon well (as in, has a very recognizable symbol), then go ahead and suggest it via comments. I'm thinking of making an Avatar set and maybe a Naruto set, with the village and element signs, though that'd obviously be more for groups than for individual chars, alas.

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