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Cold Case: The Hen House

LINK: The Hen House (Season 2, episode 6).
THEME: Nazis, Holocaust, feminism
TRIGGERS/SPOILERS: This time, the theme section covers it all!

SUMMARY: Lilly and the team tackle a 1945 case involving an ambitious reporter recently demoted to writing trivial advice columns after a heady period covering Eleanor Roosevelt and womens rights.

WHY I LOVE IT: The main character in this one breaks my heart. She's ambitious, she's brave, she's principled -- and all of this at a time where being a woman meant that nobody valued those qualities in her. I think that she's fantastic and she deserves better than she got. She's the kind of person that I aspire to be. There are some gorgeous lines and moments in this episode and the raw intensity of the emotion just absolutely hooks me every time.

FAVORITE LINE: "I am better than the worst thing I ever did."

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past March 22nd, 2012 future